• EIC-20X series- POM Plastic- Round hole

    Body material : EIC Brand, POM (Silicone) plastic
    Surface : Light Blue Color
    Heat distortion temperature : 150℃
    Plate material : Metal
    Surface : Black
    Spring clip contact : Phosphor Bronze
    Finish : Nickel plated
    Contact life : 50,000 times
    lnsertion range : 0.4~0.7mm diameter
    E.I.C. blister card package
    RoHS Compliance
    Combines additional boards for larger breadboard available
    OEM & Own design is welcome
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  •  Breadboard + Jumper Wire Kit

    Breadboard + Jumper Wire Kit

    Specifications :

    Breadboard + Jumper Wire Kit

    ltem No. Component Description
    EIC-202J EIC-202 + EIC-J-S (70PS Jumper Wires)
    EIC-202BJ EIC-202B + EIC-J-S (70PS Jumper Wires)
    EIC-204-3J EIC-204-3 + EIC-J-S (70PS Jumper Wires)
    EIC-204-1J EIC-204-1 + EIC-J-S (70PS Jumper Wires)
    EIC-204J EIC-204 + EIC-J-S (70PS Jumper Wires)
    EIC-206J EIC-206 + EIC-J-L (140PS Jumper Wires)
    EIC-208J EIC-208 + EIC-J-L (140PS Jumper Wires)
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